our values

Our drive to innovate is fueled by our passions. 

 Our story starts with a passion to share the uniqueness and culture of South East Asia through culinary means. Our menu blends the most authentic and time-tested recipes of South East Asia with the healthy and fresh demands of today's modern health conscious consumer. Each one of our bowls and menu items are designed to offer convenience, quality and flavourful food.  

We aim to bring a modern approach to healthy eating, without compromising on taste.

We believe in serving  you food that is not just tasty, but nutritious and of great value. Wherever possible, we source produce and protein  that is grown and raised through sustainable practices. Our ingredients are thoughtfully selected ensuring  that all recipes are without MSG, artificial flavour enhancers and refined sugars. Whether you choose a rice, noodle, or salad bowl, we offer fresh raw vegetables and super greens (such as sprouts, pea shoots, kale, and salad mixes) to benefit your health and lifestyle. 

Freshly prepared and cooked on site,  every meal can be customized.  We cater to a diverse group of customers with many dietary needs; these include low carb, no-carb, paleo, vegans, vegetarians, and gluten-free options. We have made a conscious effort to accommodate our customers' ethical and dietary demands by using organic, natural and locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible. 




We believe in a purpose beyond profits.

We see profits as a means to a goal that can be used and invested, not just an end itself. Our conscience and values guide us to be stewards of our product, our resources, our people, and our community. We service our customers by, “Doing the little things that matter." A greater worth is achieved when we take our gifts and talents and share them with others.

We strive for a holistic approach to sustainability. 

In all of our practices, we consider the social, economic, and environmental impact that we have on this planet. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint through proper education and continual training on sustainable practices in the food industry that apply to us.

We place a strong emphasis on practicing environmental stewardship. We believe it is our responsibility to do our part to reduce the amount of waste we produce whenever we can. Our continued participation in recycling and composting programs, along with the use of biodegradable and compostable take out packaging reinforces this belief.


From our decision making to our business strategies, our values influence each decision we make.